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SK is the leading packaging technology provider of the food-candy packaging industry in China. Founded in Chengdu in 1999, it is now one of the world's major food-candy manufacturing partners, servicing clients in 46 different countries and regions around the world.

Clients trust our food-candy production and packaging solutions, for it is advanced, efficient, durable and cost-effective. They also praise our timely, reliable and comprehensive global after sale services. We will continue to explore and innovate the market with top-quality products and excellent services to ensure our clients' success.

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Research and development

As China's leading food-candy packaging technology provider, we value the maintenance of excellence in innovation and manufacturing technology, this is implemented through learning from experiences in commercial practices. We not only have the highest quality machinery manufacturing plants, but have also established an independent R&D center, where 80 engineers work in communication with clients worldwide, taking on the feedback provided. Our engineers established the R & D infrastructure according to client demands and relied on the trend of food-candy packaging industry for deeper insights. Through combining decades of sophisticated machinery manufacturing experience, our engineers are able to improve client production efficiency. As well as satisfying different client demands by increasing product quality, production safety and lowering energy consumption.

Commitment to clients

We are committed to providing clients with efficient, durable, highly customizable and cost-effective food-candy packaging technology solutions and services.

Product quality: We regard product quality as the core of our competitiveness. For this, we have an established set of systematic methods of scientific management and manufacturing processes. From the client's project analysis, product design, manufacturing to product testing, we uphold the most stringent requirements. We seek perfection on even the smallest details in order to further improve our product quality!

Customizable products: As food-candy packaging technology allows us to continue to innovate, it becomes our driving force for learning and experience. Whether it be a customized production line or single packaging machinery, our R&D engineering team has always set client demands as their basis for development combined with a wealth of experience in mechanical designs and machinery manufacture, we are able to create flawless and efficient packaging solution for our clients.

Cost-effectiveness: Decades of success has not only enlightened us to create high quality food-candy packaging solutions, but has also ensured consideration of our clients’ financial growth. We strive to establish long-term partnerships with our clients and achieve mutual development.

Join to SK

SK is the leading packaging technology provider of the food-candy packaging industry in China, servicing clients all over the globe. Opportunities that we offer are exciting, because of the nature of our work and the clients we work with.

We are hoping for candidates with passion, focus and a positive working attitude. You should be creative, be able to proactively identify problems and provide solutions. You should also have excellent team working abilities, a passion for entrepreneurship and a broad range of hobbies. We welcome talents that meet the above conditions to join us and work together towards a better future!