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Lollipops Wrapping Machines

SK provides medium and high speed of lollipops wrappers in both bunch and twister wrapping styles.

Sanke in China

SK provides medium and high speed of lollipop wrapping machine in both bunch and twister wrapping styles.

Customizable product: With the development of food and candy packaging technology enables us to continue to innovate, it has become the driving force for our learning and experience. Whether it is a customized lollipop production line or a single lollipop packing machine, our R&D engineering team always regards customer needs as the basis for its development, combined with rich experience in mechanical design and mechanical manufacturing, we can provide customers with perfect and efficient candy packaging solutions.

Function of Lollipop Wrapping Machine

The lollipop packaging machine can be used for lollipops bunch packaging and double-twist packaging.

The main features of the equipment:

- Programmable design controller, man-machine interface, integrated control

- Servo paper feeding, positioning packaging

- Lollipop wrapping machine will automatically stop working in the following situations:

① The number of lollipops is insufficient

② Sugar blocks the machine

③ Lack of wrapping paper

④ Open the door

- Modular design, easy to disassemble and clean

Packaging Sample

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