bubble gum packaging


SK-1000-I is a specially designed wrapping machine for chewing gum stick packs. The standard version of SK1000-I is composed by automatic cutting part and automatic wrapping part. Well-formed chewing gum sheets were cut and fed to wrapping part for inner wrapping, middle wrapping and 5 pieces stick packing

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Wrapping Style

Special features:

  • Programmable controller, converter speed control, HMI, integrated control
  • Middle paper packing and outer paper packing equipped position cutting device to achieve position packaging
  • Central lubrication
  • Safety sensors guarantee operator's safe
  • Module design, easy maintenance and clean
  • CE safety authorized


  • 650-700products/min
  • 130-140sticks/min


Product measurements

  • Length: 71mm
  • Width: 19mm
  • Thickness: 1.8mm


Connected load

  • 6KW


Wrapping material measurements

  • Inner reel: reel diameter: 340mm, width: 92mm, core diameter: 76±0.5mm
  • Middle reel: reel diameter: 400mm, width: 68mm, core diameter: 152±0.5mm, distance between 2 photo marks: 52±0.2mm
  • Outer reel: reel diameter: 350mm, width: 94mm, core diameter: 76±0.5mm, distance between 2 photo marks: 78±0.2mm


Machine measurements

  • Length: 5000mm
  • Width: 2000mm
  • Height: 2000mm


Machine weight

  • 2600kg

Depending on the product, it can be combined with UJB mixer, TRCJ extruder, ULD cooling tunnel to be a production line for stick chewing gum

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