candy packaging machine for sale


BFK2000B cut & wrap machine in pillow pack is suitable for soft milky candies, toffees, chews and gum products. BFK2000A is equipped with servo motors, 2 pieces of converter motors, ELAU motion controller and HMI system are employed

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Wrapping styles

Special features

  • Independent servo drive for shaping device
  • Servo drive for Feeding chain and rotary knife
  • Servo drive for longitudinal seal
  • Servo drive for horizontal seal
  • Servo drive for a pair of feeding rollers
  • Pneumatic core locking
  • Assistance device for film run
  • Centralized lubrication


-Max. 1300 products/min


Product measurements

-Length: 10-60mm (can be customized)

-Width: 10-25mm

-Thickness: 3-15mm


Connected load




-Compressed air consumption: 4L/min

-Compressed air pressure: 0.4-0.6Mpa


Wrapping materials

-Heat sealable foil 

-PP film


Material dimensions

-Reel diameter: 330mm

-Reel width: 60-100mm

-Core diameter: 76mm


Machine measurements

-Length: 2900mm

-Width: 1070mm

-Height: 1670mm


Machine weight


Depending on the product, it can be combined with UJB mixer, TRCJ extruder, ULD cooling tunnel for different candy production lines (chewing gum, bubble gum and Sugus)

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