candy mixer machine


UJB serial mixer is an international standard confectionery material mixing equipment for toffees, chewy candies, or other mixable confectioneries

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Special features:

  • SEW(German brand) motor and reducer
  • “Z” shape stirs, small space with inner side of tank
  • Main stir, assistant stir and discharge screw are driven by separate motors
  • Screw discharge
  • Cylinder jacket insulation, temperature display
  • Programmable controller, HMI, integrated control
  • Modular design, easy to clean and maintenance
  • Contacting parts are made of SS304, dustproof design, GMP standard
  • CE safety authorization


- 250L


Connected load



Allowed compression of jacket



Machine measurements

-Length: 3100mm

-Width: 1200mm

-Height: 1900mm


Machine weight


Depending on the product, it can be combined with TRCJ, TRCY, ULD, BZK, SK-1000-I, BZW, BZH and SK’s wrapping machines for different candy production lines

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