candy wrapper machine


  1. The packing line is the professional equipment for toffee, sugus, chewing gum, bubble gum, chewy sweets and soft caramels, which cut&wrap products in fold wrap(upper fold or end fold) with overwrapping in flat(on edge) stick packs. It meets hygienic standard of confectionery producing, and CE safety standard
  2. This packing line consists of one BZW1000 cut&wrap machine and one BZT800 multi-stick wrapping machine, which are fixed on a base, to achieve rope cutting, folding, wrapping packed individual products into stick automatically. One touch screen controls both machines, including Parameters setting, synchronous control, etc. It is easy to maintain and operate

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Wrapping styles:


Special features:

  • Separate servo motors control paper feeding and cutting
  • No candy, No paper
  • Automatic stop when candy jam appears
  • Automatic stop when paper jam appears
  • No candy no paper, automatic stop when jam appears
  • Automatic splicer
  • PLC system, touch screen and servo system integrated control
  • Three sets of rope sizers
  • Easy for maintenance, operating and cleaning

Motor consumption


Total motor consumption


Machine measurements

-Length: 2600mm

-Width: 2100mm

-Height: 2200mm




-700-800 products/min

Product measurement

-Length: 10-40mm

- Width: 12-25mm

- Thickness: 5-12mm

Wrapping materials

-Wax paper

-Aluminum paper

Material dimensions

-Core diameter: 60-90mm

-Reel diameter: 330mm

Machine weight





-120-180 sticks/min

Product measurement

-Length: 25-120mm

-Width: 15-30mm

-Thickness: 5-12mm

Packing data

-3-8 products/stick(flat)

-3-16 products/stick(on edge)

Wrapping materials

-All common packing materials can be used

Material dimensions

- Reel diameter: 340mm

- Core diameter: 76mm

Tear tape dimensions

-Core diameter: 29mm

-Reel diameter: 120mm

Machine weight


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