chocolate packing machine
chocolate packing machine


BZF400 is an ideal medium speed wrapping solution for rectangle or square shaped chocolate in envelop folding style

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Wrapping Style

Envelop Fold


Special Features

  • Programmable controller, HMI and integrated control
  • Servo motor driven wrapping material feeding and positioned wrapping
  • No candy no paper, automatic stop when candy jam appears, automatic stop when wrapping materialsrun out
  • Pneumatic wrapping material roll locking
  • Candy feeding tunnel is driven by 3 separate servo motors, equipped centrifugal blower and water-cold tunnel
  • Automatic gluing system (optional)
  • CE certificate
  • Safety grade: IP65




  • Max. 400pcs/min (performed tables)


Size Range

  • Length: 20-85mm
  • Width: 20-40mm
  • Height: 4-16mm


Connected Load

  • 5 kw


Wrapping Materials

  • Wax paper
  • Aluminum paper
  • PET


Wrapping Material Dimensions

  • Reel diameter: 330 mm
  • Core diameter:76mm

Machine Measurements

  • Length: 3120mm
  • Width: 2160mm
  • Height: 1500mm


Machine Weight

  • 2000k

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