chocolate wrapping machine


BZW1000+USD500 is designed for performed rectangle and ladder shaped chocolate and hard candy products in high speed envelop folding style

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Wrapping Style

Special Features

  • Programmable controller, HMI and integrated control
  • Automatic wrapping material splicer
  • Candy rejection function at feeding belt and exist
  • No candy no paper, automatic stop when candy jam appears, automatic stop when wrapping materialsrun out
  • Servo motor drivenassisted wrapping material feeding, cutting and positioned wrapping
  • Servo motor driven candy feeding belt, automatic candy sequencing system and mechanical driven candy pusher
  • Pneumatic driven cutter lifting
  • Pneumatic wrapping material roll locking
  • Automatic gluing system (optional)
  • Modular design, easy to maintenance and cleaning
  • CE safety authorized
  • Safetygrade: IP65


  • Max. 650pcs/min


Size Range

  • Length: 20-70mm
  • Width: 16-30mm
  • Height: 5-15mm


Connected Load

  • 18 kw



  • Compressed air consumption: 5 l/min
  • Compressed air pressure: 0.4-0.6 mPa
  • Consumption of cold water: 5 l/min
  • Temperature: 10-15 ℃
  • Water pressure: 0.2 mPa


Wrapping Materials

  • Wax paper
  • Aluminum paper


Wrapping Material Dimensions

  • Reel diameter: 330 mm
  • Core diameter:76mm


Machine Measurements

  • Length: 8500mm
  • Width: 1600mm
  • Height: 2100mm


Machine Weight

  • 3000kg

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