double twist candy wrapping machine


BNS2000 is an excellent wrapping solution for hard boiled candies, toffees, dragee pellets, chocolates, gums, tablets and other preformed products (roud, oval, rectangle, square, cylinder and ball shaped etc.) in double twist wrapping style

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Wrapping Style

Special Features

  • Programmable controller, HMI and integrated control
  • Continuous motion system ensures gentle treatments of products and high-speed operations with low noise
  • Automatic removing candy scrapes, deformed and unqualified candy products
  • Vlbrational candy feeding system and heating function on feeding disk eliminate candy stickies
  • Servo motor driven assists wrapping paper pulling, feeding, cutting and positioned wrapping
  • No candy no paper, automatic stop when candy jam appears, automatic stop when wrapping materials run out
  • The number of torsional turns is free to change by adjusting twist head according to textures of wrapping materials
  • Intelligent candy feeding aligning and mechanical candy pushing
  • Pneumatic automatic core locking of wrapping materials
  • Lack paper, machine alarms and automatic splicer
  • Independent dual loop security system isolates to PLC system
  • CE safety authorized
  • Protection safetygrade: IP65


  • Max. 650pcs/min


Size Range

  • Length: 20-70mm
  • Width: 16-30mm
  • Height: 5-15mm


Connected Load

  • 18 kw



  • Compressed air consumption: 5 l/min
  • Compressed air pressure: 0.4-0.6 mPa
  • Consumption of cold water: 5 l/min
  • Temperature: 10-15 ℃
  • Water pressure: 0.2 mPa


Wrapping Materials

  • Wax paper
  • Aluminum paper


Wrapping Material Dimensions

  • Reel diameter: 330 mm
  • Core diameter:76mm


Machine Measurements

  • Length: 8500mm
  • Width: 1600mm
  • Height: 2100mm


Machine Weight

  • 3000kg

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