soft candy machine


ULD series cooling tunnel is the cooling equipment for candy production. The conveyor belts in cooling tunnel are driven by Germany brand SEW motor with reducer, Speed adjustment via frequency converter, cooling system equipped with BITZER/GEA Compressor, electronic expansion valve, proportion triple valve, cool air blower, surface cooler device, temperature and RH adjustable via PLC control system and touch screen HMI

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Special features:

  • Antilock escape device in cooling tunnel
  • 80mm polyurethane-filled wall
  • Modularity design, integrated control, easy maintenance and clean
  • CE certification

Conveyor belt line speed

  • 10-40meters/min


Connected load

  • 25-45KW



  • Water temperature: Normal
  • Water pressure: 0.3-0.4MPa

This machine can be synchronized with SK TRCJ, TRCY, KXT, and BZH/BZW to make a production line

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