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ZHJ-B300 Automatic Boxing Machine

ZHJ-B300 Automatic Boxing Machine

Short Description:

ZHJ-B300 automatic boxing machine is a perfect high-speed solution which combines both flexibility and automation for packing products such as pillow packs, bags, boxes and other formed products with multiple groups by one machine. It has high degree of automation, including product sorting, box suction, box opening, packing, gluing packing, batch number printing, OLV monitoring and rejection.

Product Detail

Main Data

Special features

- Programmable controller, HMI and integrated control

- Screen displays alarm of each part

- ‘No box no product’, ‘no product no box’, ‘box shortage alarm’, ‘automatic stop when product jam appears

- Robotic arm feeding, servo motor driven product sorting, dual servo motor driven continuously feeding, servo motor driven product pushing, dual servo motor driven continuously box feeding and packing

- Quick replacement of parts with different packaging specifications

- Electronic lifting of product pushing system

- Electronic lifting of boxes storage and feeding system

- Automatic gluing system (optional)

- Modular design, easy to maintenance and cleaning

- CE safety authorized

- Safety grade: IP65

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  • Output

    - Max. 300 boxes/min

    Box size range

    - Length:120-240 mm

    - Width:30-100 mm

    - Height20-100 mm

    Connected Load

    - 40 kw


    - Compressed air consumption: 200 l/min

    - Compressed air pressure: 0.4-0.6 mPa

    Wrapping Materials

    - Formed carboard box

    Machine Measurements

    - Length: 11200 mm

    - Width: 2480 mm

    - Height: 2480 mm

    Machine Weight

    - 8000 kg

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